Details of Event on march 2nd, 2019

Additional Information

Thank You to all that came out to our lecture and made it a great success.  We will be posting new info on our upcoming summer event just as soon as we get everything put into action.

Here is what one of our attendees had to say about our lecture that took place on March 2, 2019:


     I wish to compliment Casey, Brian and David, on the wonderful conference this past Saturday!  It was well-planned, nicely paced, and included information that all in attendance could benefit from no matter their level of knowledge regarding JFK's assassination.  I have attended conferences all over the country, and this one was one of quality presented by individuals with a passion for the subject.

     Casey's presentation on Skorzeny greatly expanded upon the information I gained on this topic at last November's Lancer conference.  Casey, however, has the background knowledge of the JFK assassination in general and the experience presenting that the Lancer speaker did not have.

Building on his wonderful presentation in Dallas,

     David was able to explore in greater depth the shooter at the south end of the triple underpass.  Not only did he analyze the types of weapons that may have been used by this shooter, he came equipped with the type of weapon that he concludes probably was used.  As I mentioned to him at the end of the day, I don't believe it was a coincidence that General Godfrey McHugh was not in his usual spot (riding in the front seat between Greer and Kellerman) for the Dallas motorcade.

     Brian's Love Field to Love Field presentation was the best that I have seen in this particular area of study.  Your comments throughout were right on the mark!  And what an appropriate way to end the day, by remembering Ed Hoffman's courage and important contribution to the case!

Even though smaller than anyone would have liked, our group seemed genuinely interested and appreciative of the important information they were receiving.  I can only believe that many were scared off by the fear that the bad weather forecasted would arrive sooner than predicted.

Thanks for the invitation and again congratulations,